About us

Keyhole Productions was established by Kris McDonald in 2004, after completing a university degree in his home town of Liverpool.

The attitude of Kris and his team has always remained the same, and it stems from a core passion for film and a dedication to deliver everything promised on time, to budget and meeting all specifications.

As well as developing ideas Keyhole Productions will execute the production, taking the film through to distribution.

Any challenge is an inspiring task and our team are ready to develop, co ordinate, and engage to make the production special.

Based in the creative heart of Liverpool Keyhole Productions delivers films for a vast array of clients, covering events and shooting at locations all over the globe.

Continuously investing in the latest technology whilst expanding the client base Keyhole Productions has been recognized and awarded for their achievements. Kris McDonald was recently awarded 'Best Young Entrepreneur' by the Morgan Foundation.

With a heritage in television standard production, Keyhole Productions strive to produce content that will be watched over and over, but most importantly to the style, standard and scale of the clients desire.

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Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Awards 2010 Winner FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) Shot on Red
Kris McDonald