RED Digital Cinema and people in boxes…

RED Digital Cinema and people in boxes…

Our brief was, "people in boxes.... doing things..."

Designed for a new marketing campaign for Redrow Homes the concept was to build miniature sets (boxes) and have people doing day to day activities within a constricted space.

The shoot coincided with the purchase of a new RED Digital Cinema camera, so as you can imagine we were interested to put our new toy through its paces.

The final product was to be used on web sites in the spaces where advertising banners usually sit. Therefore we had technical challenges in getting the dimensions, ratios and distances correct.

We shot the piece in a warehouse as the sets took a lot of construction and this also allowed us to control the lighting.

Needless to say it was a pleasure to shoot this project on RED and now it sits in our arsenal of equipments waiting to be called.

We used a variety of actors in the piece, doing all sorts of action from ironing, playing the cello and hovering.

It was a great project to be involved in, and a very quirky end product.