The City That Rocked The World Documentary

The City That Rocked The World Documentary

A two part music documentary with cinematic and worldwide distribution. Produced by Get Back Films and Angry Badger Pictures.

A documentary that explores music in Liverpool from the early 50's through to present day.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this production, supplying camera, lighting, grip and crew.

Kris McDonald shot the majority of the film with support from Greg Nelson and the occasional freelance camera operator.

The production was shot over an 18 month period on a number of different formats. We began by shooting on Sony EX3 cameras, however once showing the director material from a Canon 5D II the decision was soon made to shoot the entire remaining feature on these new cameras.

Towards the end of the production we acquired the RED Digital Cinema camera and parts of the film was shot on this.

We are yet to see the final product and the film is due to premier later this summer.

The film was shot mainly in Liverpool, in locations with links to musical icons, it was a very interesting process as the documentary features such a wide age range of musicians.